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Customs Rules

Import regulations::

Free import by non-residents. Is only permitted if they enter India for a stay of not less than 24 hours, not more than 6 months, and not more than once a month.
a. persons of 17 years of age and older: 100 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 125 grams of tobacco; 2 liters of alcoholic liquor or wine;
b. medicines in reasonable quantities;
c. 2 ounces of perfume and 1/4 liter of toilet water;
d. jewelry, up to a combined value of INR 50,000.- for male travelers or INR 100,000.- for female travelers;
e. travel souvenirs imported by:
- nationals and residents of India or if being of Indian origin and being over 9 years of age:
- if returning from Bhutan, China (People's Rep.), Myanmar or Nepal: up to INR 6,000.- if stayed outside for more than 3 days. If stayed outside up to 3 days: nil.
- if returning from other countries: up to INR 45,000.- if stayed outside for more than 3 days. If stayed outside up to 3 days: INR 17,500.-.
For persons under 10 years of age:
- nationals of, or being of origin, Bhutan and Nepal and coming from respective countries: nil. If coming from other countries: up to INR 8,000.-
- nationals of, or being of origin, Pakistan and coming from Pakistan: up to INR 6,000.-. If coming from other countries: up to INR 8,000.-.
- all other nationals: up to INR 8,000.-. If coming from Pakistan: up to INR 6,000.-.
f. goods for personal use.

Goods in excess of the maximum permitted amount will be subject to an import duty of 60%.

Arms and Ammunition regulations::

Prohibited for non-residents of India: import of firearms and more than 50 cartridges.

Additional Information on regulations::

Remote controlled drones and helicopters: import is allowed with a WPC license issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Seeds and plants: the import of seeds and plants for the purpose of sowing, planting and propogation, consumption, research and breeding requires an import permit. Import is restricted to the airports of Amritsar (ATQ), Bengaluru (BLR), Chennai (MMA), Delhi (DEL), Guwahati (GAU), Kolkata (CCU), Mumbai (BOM), Patna (PAT), Hyderabad (HYD), Thiruvananthapuram (TRV), Tiruchchirapalli (TRZ), Varanasi (VNS).

Livestock and livestock products: the import of these, by any means including cargo or baggage is restricted and requires a sanitary import permit, as well as a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC). A NOC must be obtained in advance from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS). Products include:
- meat and meat products of all kinds of fresh, chilled and frozen meat, tissue or organs;
- egg and egg powder;
- milk and milk products;
- bovine, ovine and caprine embryos, ova or semen;
- pet foods of animal origin;
- gelatin, fur, animal skin, wool, leather, carpets, horns, bone and bone grist, feathers, shuttle cock etc.
Prohibited: the following livestock and livestock products:
- all kinds of birds and bird products (incl. eggs, feathers, meat etc.); and
- pigs and pig meat products.

A minimum of 48 hours is required by the Airport Health Office for the importation of human remains or ashes. A death certificate is also required (in English or translated into English). A death certificate indicating cause of death as unknown or pending will not be accepted. Please contact airline for further requirements that apply to the carriage and importation of bodies.

Crew members customs regulations::

Gifts up to a value of INR 1,500.-.Crew members must declare all dutiable goods on the PPL (Private Property List).


Cats and Dogs: import of a max. of two pets as baggage is allowed only:
a. through Bengaluru (BLR), Chennai (MAA), Delhi (DEL), Kolkata (CCU), Mumbai (BOM) and Hyderabad (HYD); and
b. if a pet is being (re-)imported by an owner who is transferring residence to India, after a minimum two years of continuous stay abroad; and
c. upon presentation of health certificates from country of origin. The health certificate must contain name/address of the passenger in both country of origin as well as country of arrival.The name of the owner mentioned on the health certificate must match with the name on the ticket; and
d. if holding a "No Objection Certificate (NOC) arranged at least 7 days prior to import from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS); and
e. after Quarantine Officer examination upon arrival.
In all other cases, a license from DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) is required.

Baggage Clearance regulations::

Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in India.

Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside India.

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations:

Foreign currencies : unlimited. However, amounts exceeding USD 5,000.- (or equivalent) in cash, or USD 10,000.- (or equivalent) in traveler's cheques must be declared;
Local currency (Indian Rupee-INR): Import of INR is prohibited, except for residents of India importing up to INR 7,500.-.

Foreign currencies include currency notes, traveler's cheques, cheques, drafts etc. (Re)exchange only through banks and authorized money exchange points.

Currency Export regulations:

Foreign currencies : up to the amount imported and declared.
Local currency (Indian Rupee-INR): INR 7,500.- for residents of India, except when departing to Bhutan and Nepal. For residents departing to Bhutan and Nepal: no limit in amount of INR but notes no bigger than INR 100.- may be carried.

Foreign currencies include currency notes, traveler's cheques, cheques, drafts etc. (Re)exchange only through banks and authorized money exchange points.

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