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Customs Rules

Import regulations::

Free import of 500 cigarettes or 2 lbs. of tobacco.

Prohibited is the import of alcoholic beverages and narcotics, unsealed milk products and salty fish unsealed (eaten without cooking), mineral water, olives and pickles not sealed by original manufacturer, food made at home (abroad) and fresh vegetables ready to eat, fresh figs, seashell having flesh and its by-products.

Arms and Ammunition regulations::

A permit, issued by the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, is required from passengers wishing to import a firearm.
Note: the transporting airline's station manager must be informed prior to arrival in case of Air Marshalls traveling on a flight.

Export regulations::

Free export of cigarettes and tobacco products without restrictions.


Pets may be imported in cabin, as hold baggage or as cargo if:
- holding prior approval from the General Directorate for Agricultural and Sea Wealth and a Veterinarian Good Health Certificate issued at point of origin; and
- transported in a proper box or cage according to IATA regulations.

All pets imported into/through Kuwait are subject to quarantine (located at the Air Cargo Terminal area). Four percent of the value of pets in Bill of Lading should be collected as Customs Tax.

1. all live animals from Iraq;
2. all live birds from all countries. Exempt are imports of falcons and pet birds (pigeons), incubating eggs and one day old chicks from Albania, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Palestinian Territory, Thailand, Ukraine and Zimbabwe if adhering to the rules of veterinary quarantine and regulations.

Baggage Clearance regulations::

Baggage is cleared at Kuwait International Airport.

Exempt: checked baggage of transit passengers with an onward connection to a third country.

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations:

Import of local currency (Kuwait Dinar-KWD) and foreign currencies up to a maximum of KWD 3000.- or equivalent, in currencies or gold bullion.

Currency Export regulations:

Export of local currency (Kuwait Dinar-KWD) and foreign currencies without restrictions. Customs Authorities must be informed about export of gold bullion.

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