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Customs Rules

Import regulations::

Free import of:
1. the following items by persons older than 17 years:
a. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos or 250 grams of tobacco;
b. 2 liters of non-sparkling wines and either 1 liter of alcohol with more than 22% volume or 2 liters alcohol with less than 22% volume;
2. 50 grams of perfume and 25 milliliters eau de toilette;
3. personal effects;
4. Goods with a value of maximum XPF 30,000.- if being 15 years or older and XPF 15,000.- if being under 15 years of age.

Arms and Ammunition regulations::

An import authorization is required. Contact DIRAG - Direction de la Réglementation et de l'Administration Générale, BP C5 - 98844 Nouméa, tel. nr. 687-266300.

Wild Fauna and Flora::

The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted under CITES.
For further details please refer to CITES:
For more information, contact Direction de l'Agriculture, de la Forêt et de l'Environnement, BP 180 - 98845, Nouméa, tel. nr. 687-232430.

Additional Information on regulations::

The following items must be accompanied by a sanitary certificate in the form prescribed by the veterinary department of New Caledonia:
- cooked meat and other animal products;
- raw meat, which is only allowed if originating from Australia, Canada, Denmark, French Polynesia, Ireland (Rep.), New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, USA or Vanuatu.


Pets checked as cargo with an airway bill and carried on the same aircraft as the accompanying passenger. Pets should have a blood test completed more than 3 months before arrival. Contact the Veterinary Service in Noumea- telephone: 68 724-3746 or facsimile: 6 87 251-1112:

Dogs and cats:
Import generally prohibited (also when coming from USA).
- All types of "Pitbull" dogs (e.g. Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier), Mastiff, Tosa will be sent back to country of origin;
- Ask air carrier if they will transport your breed (e.g. Air France will not transport the above breeds);
- Rottweilers may now be imported loaded in a rigid plastic container conforming to Air France rules.
Import allowed from EU Member States :
- Accompanied by certificate of residency (valid for more than 6 months when travel commences);
- Rabies vaccination: rabies control measures and quarantine period is 1 month.
Import from all other countries:
- Quarantine period is 6 months;
- Allowed only if coming (transit stop in other countries is allowed if the animal does not leave the aircraft during such stops) from a country that has been rabies free for at least 2 years;
- A 5-day quarantine period is compulsory;
- The animal must be accompanied by: An import permit (apply at least one month in advance to "SVPA BP 256 Noumea, New Caledonia , indicating number, breed, age, sex, origin); and a zoosanitary certificate issued by an official veterinary surgeon in country of origin within 3 days before departure.

Generally prohibited except if coming from a country free of aviary pest and newcastle disease. Parrots: import max. 2 per person (owner for more than 6 months), and the animal must be free of psittacosis. In all cases: apply for "import permit" at least one month in advance to "SVPA BP 256 Noumea, New Caledonia".

Baggage Clearance regulations::

Baggage is cleared at Noumea (NOU).

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Pacific Franc-XPF) and foreign currencies: amounts exceeding EUR 10,000.- or equivalent must be declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Pacific Franc-XPF) and foreign currencies: up to the amounts imported or declared.

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