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Customs Rules

Import regulations::

free import of:
- One bottle of liquor;
- One pack of 20 cigarettes or 1 cigar or total of 3 ounces of pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco or loose smoking tobacco.

Prohibited: controlled substances and weapons.

Import tax of USD 5.- applies per each pack of 20 cigarettes or per each 0.17 kilograms (approx. 0.06 ounces) of pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco or loose smoking tobacco, exceeding the free import limit.

Arms and Ammunition regulations::

Visitors are not allowed to import arms and ammunition.
Military personnel or law enforcement travelers need a written permission from the President of Palau.

Export regulations::

No information available yet.

Airport Embarkation Tax

Airport Departure Tax: is levied on all passengers departing from Palau.
Nationals of Palau and spouses: USD 10.-; all other passengers: USD 20.-.
Place of payment: airport of departure.
a. Children under 3 years of age;
b. Palauan students traveling to school;
c. Medical referral patients and those accompanying them;
d. Crew members traveling on duty;
e. Transit passengers continuing their journey within 24 hours.

Environmental Protection Fee: of USD 30.- is levied on all visitors departing from Palau.
Place of payment: airport of departure.
a. Nationals of Palau holding a valid Passport;
b. Holders of a Palau Birth Certificate, showing that the person was born in Palau;
c. Residents of Palau, holding a Resident Visa/permit;
d. Holders of a Dependent, Foreign Government or International Representative, Government Employee, Investor, Missionary, Student or Work Visa/permit.
e. Diplomats and persons exempt from obtaining a visa, such as members of a diplomatic mission and their families;
f. Crew traveling on duty.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations:

Passengers must declare all currency notes exceeding USD 10,000.-, or equivalent, upon arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

No information available yet.

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