India Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations summary

Customs, Currency & Airport tax

All about India
Capital city: Delhi
Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)
Local time: GMT + 5.30
Telephone code: + 91
Bank: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Customs Rules

Import regulations:

Free import by non-residents. Is only permitted if they enter India for a stay of not less than 24 hours, not more than 6 months, and not mo ...More Import regulations for India

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

Prohibited for non-residents of India: import of firearms and more than 50 cartridges. ...More India Arms and Ammunition regulations

Additional Information on regulations:

Remote controlled drones and helicopters: import is allowed with a WPC license issued by the Ministry of Communication a ...More additional information for India

Crew members customs regulations:

Gifts up to a value of INR 1,500.-.Crew members must declare all dutiable goods on the PPL (Private Property List). ...More crew members customs regulations for India


: 1. Pets being (re-)imported by an owner who is transferring residence to India, after a minimum two years of continuous stay abroad:a. import of a max. of ...More India importing pets regulations

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation ... More Airport Tax regulations for India

Currency regulations

Currency Import regulations: Foreign currencies : unlimited. ... More Currency Import regulations for India

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