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Visa requirements for the UEFA EURO 2008 Tournament

11 December 2007

The Euro 2008 Tournament will take place in Austria and Switzerland from 7 to 29 June 2008.

As Switzerland is not a member of the Schengen area, current legislation would normally require visitors wishing to attend matches in both host countries
to obtain separate visas for Austria and Switzerland (including Liechtenstein.)

To simplify the procedure for the tournament, Austria will issue a Schengen visa allowing the holder to enter Switzerland and Liechtenstein for a limited period. Visitors requiring the visa must submit their application to the Austrian authorities, however, the Schengen visa will only be recognized by Switzerland once the Swiss authorities have conducted their own inspection. If the applicant is permitted entry, Swiss authorities will add a special Euro 2008 stamp to the visa. Only these stamped visas will be valid for travel to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Euro 2008 visa applications will not be processed by Swiss embassies and consulates, but will be forwarded to the Austrian authorities for processing.

This facility will be valid from 1 February 2008, until the end of the tournament.

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