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Other travel documents
There are other travel documents, which may not always have the same legal effect as passports and are valid only for limited countries and purposes. Therefore, it is always necessary to check carefully whether the country of the passenger’s destination and transit recognizes such documents, even if such documents bear an endorsement for such countries.

Such travel documents may be identification cards, travel certificates, military I/D cards, seaman discharge books and records, affidavits, etc.

Birth Certificates: in the case where birth certificate is stated as an accepted document for the destination country, then the government issued (state/county) birth certificate is meant (not e.g. hospital issued). The term Birth Certificate covers government issued birth certificates, and may also include such documents as:
  • Birth Registration (Certificate; Certificate of Notice);
  • Notification of Birth (Certificate; Registration; Certification);
  • Certificate of Live Birth; etc.
For some countries, birth certificate must be endorsed by a seal (wet, raised, embossed etc) in order to be accepted.


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