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Re-entry permit / exit permit
Re-entry permits entitle the holder to return to the country of domicile. These permits are generally required for returning residents.

Exit permits entitle the holder to leave a country

Refugees/stateless persons
Persons who are refugee or stateless for whatever reason may hold non-national travel documents. These are described variously as travel documents, Certificates of Identity, Laissez-Passer or even passports and may fall under the following categories:
  • Convention documents, issued by signatories of the 1946 London and 1951 Geneva Conventions relating to the status of refugees and the 1954 New York Convention on the status of stateless persons
  • Documents issued by other countries.
However, these documents may not always have the same legal effect as passports, and are valid only for limited countries and purposes. Therefore it is always necessary to check carefully whether such documents are recognized by the country of the passenger's destination and transit, even if such documents bear an endorsement for such countries.


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