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A visa is an entry in a passport or other travel document made by a (consular) official of a government to indicate that the bearer has been granted authority to enter or re-enter the country concerned.

Visa check
A visa, transit visa or a visa exemption for a country does not guarantee admission to that country. The final decision rests with the competent authorities at the port of entry in the country concerned. It is necessary to check carefully the (transit) visas required by the authorities of:
  1. country of destination
  2. country of departure (if returning to this country)
  3. country of residence
  4. transit stations (transit visas)
    • if only a landing will be made en route the transit visas should be checked as well;
    • passengers travelling in transit through a country must be able to prove that they will continue their journey within the prescribed period. Unless otherwise stated they can do this by showing: -
    • a ticket for the remaining stretches of the journey
    • a ticket for the homeward journey
    • a sum of money in the required currency, sufficient to buy a ticket for the remaining stretches of the journey or for the homeward journey. In addition, these passengers must be in possession of the documents required for entry into the country of destination and transit through the countries en route.
      Note: Some countries have strict transit regulations. Certain categories of passengers, even those proceeding by same flight and not leaving the aircraft, are:
      • refused transit or required to hold a (transit) visa; or
      • required to hold a yellow fever vaccination certificate.
      These facts are published in the information of the countries concerned.

Visa validity
The periods during which (transit) visas permit a passenger to stay in a country and the time within which the (transit) visa has to be used and how many times the passenger may enter the country on it, can be found in the (transit) visa section.


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