Chile Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

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Import regulations:

Free import for:
passengers over 18 years of age:
1. 400 cigarettes and 500 grams of pipe tobacco and 50 large cigars or 50 small cigars (tiparillos);
2. a reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use;
3. 2 1/2 liters of alcoholic beverages;
passengers over 14 years of age:
4. gifts up to a value of USD 300,- or equivalent.

Additional Information on regulations:

Edible products of animal origin, flowers, fruits and vegetables are only permitted with a certificate ("Fitosanitario") issued by the Department of Agriculture in the country of origin. It is not allowed to carry those products as handbaggage at Santiago airport if being in transit.

All transit passengers at Santiago airport are subject to customs security checks.


- Cats and Dogs must be accompanied by a:
1. , Zoosanitary Export Certificate (CZE) issued at time of shipment by official authorities of country of origin, certifying full compliance with sanitary requirements. It must be valid for 60 days and must be in official language of country of origin and in Spanish;
2. Health certificate issued by a private veterinarian in country of origin. The certificate must be valid for 30 days and must include:
- proof of rabies vaccination administered not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months before departure, OR
- proof of a valuation analysis of neutralizing antibodies against rabies virus, completed at least 12 months before departure with a result of at least 0,5 IU/ml; and
- proof of deworming treatments which took place at most 30 days before departure. If the treatment took place more than 30 days ago, it can be accepted if the health certificate states that the product still provides antiparasitic protection.
The health certificate must mention date of application and active ingredients and results of clinical examination by a veterinarian within 10 days prior to boarding, proving that there were no clinical signs of infectious or parasitic diseases;
3. Pets originating from an EU Member State must also have a pet passport.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Chile and must be labelled accordingly.
Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Chile, if it is labeled to that destination.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Chilean Peso-CLP) and foreign currencies: no restrictions. Amounts exceeding USD 10,000.- must be declared.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Chilean Peso-CLP) and foreign currencies: no restrictions. Amounts exceeding USD 10,000.- must be declared.

Airport Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

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