French Polynesia Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

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Import regulations:

Free import:

Prohibited: generally all food products of animal origin and all kind of plants.
Warning: all baggage (carry on and checked) coming from Fiji and Samoa is collected on arrival by the Phytosanitary Police for compulsory disinfection (takes about 1.5 hours).

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

Allowed if holding a license. For more information see :
- Email : [email protected]
- Tel: 0811 20 44 44 if calling from France or 33 1 72 40 78 50 if calling from outside Metropolitan France or abroad.


Entry prohibited. Re-importation only from rabies-free countries. Pets not adhering to the regulations will be returned or destroyed.
1. Prohibited: the following breeds recognized as dangerous breeds (category 1) are prohibited: any dog of the type Staffordshire terrier (without a pedigree), American Staffordshire terrier (without a pedigree) (Pitbulls ), Mastiff Boerbulls), Tosa (without a pedigree). Breeds classed as guard dogs (category 2), with a pedigree can be imported: Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, Rottweiler and any dog of the type known as a Rottweiler without a pedigree, Tosa. Consult a French embassy or consulate for special requirements for import of category 2 breeds and also the carrier for any regulations regarding the transportation of such breeds;
2. import authorization may be granted by the Governor only for animals arriving from a rabies free country. Apply for import authorization at least 2 months before departure.
Pet owner must hold:
- certificate that the animal does not suffer from any transmissible disease (issued in country of origin); and
- official attestation that rabies has never existed in country of origin and the applicable quarantine period is 6 months in country of origin. The same attestation is also necessary for the country(ies) of transit, if any.
3. Transit allowed if pet does not leave the airport.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage will be cleared at the International Airport.

Exempt: those in transit on the same flight, traveling within 3 hours.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (CFP Franc-XPF) and foreign currencies: same regulations as France.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (CFP Franc-XPF) and foreign currencies: same regulations as France.

Airport Tax

No airport tax levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

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