Papua New Guinea Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

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Import regulations:

Free import:

general allowance of PGK 1,000.- (PGK 500.- for persons under 18 years) for new goods;

Articles over 1 year old may be allowed free admission in their own right.

2 liters of alcoholic liquor for persons of 18 years and older;

250 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or tobacco for persons of 18 years and older;

- a reasonable quantity of perfume;
- personal effects.

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

Approval of police authorities in Port Moresby required.

Wild Fauna and Flora:

The import of all animals, plants, and the products of the same into Papua New Guinea is subject to prior written approval of the Chief Quarantine Officer (Animals and Plants), Agricultural Protection Division, P.O. Box 2141, Boroko, Papua New Guinea.

Crew members customs regulations:

Allowed, once per 30 days:
- 250 cigarettes or equivalent in tobacco products;
- 2 liters of alcoholic liquor.


Quarantine for dogs and cats originating in Australia and New Zealand: 48 hours. Pets may enter as cargo only. Prohibited: All animals and plants from countries other than Australia and New Zealand.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at the first port of entry in Papua New Guinea.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Papua New Guinean Kina-PGK) and foreign currencies: no restrictions. Import of traveler's cheques is allowed. Amounts exceeding PGK 20,000.- (or equivalent) must be declared.

Currency Export regulations:

Residents and non-residents: local currency (Papua New Guinean Kina-PGK) and foreign currency: up to amounts of PGK 20,000.- (or equivalent), subject to taxation clearance, if required. Amounts in excess of PGK 20,000.- (or equivalent) require Bank of Papua New Guinea approval.
Non-residents: can additionally export any currency they imported, if stay is less than 6 months.
In both cases, amounts exceeding PGK 20,000.- (or equivalent) must be declared.

Airport Tax

Airport Tax is levied on passengers embarking on international flights: PGK 30.-.
Place of payment: Airport of departure.
1. Children under 2 years.
2. Transit passengers not leaving the airport.
3. Diplomatic and consular officers holding endorsement of exemption in their visa.

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