Saudi Arabia Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

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Import regulations:

Free import of:
1. (irrespective of age) 600 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco (any excess prohibited);
2. a reasonable quantity of perfume or Eau de Cologne, for personal use;
3. a reasonable amount of cultured pearls, for personal use.
Prohibited (also for transit passengers): alcoholic beverages, firearms or other lethal weapons; drugs of narcotic nature (except medicines for personal use and if holding prescription); pork products; natural pearls.

Additional Information on regulations:

Nothing can be imported free of duty as passenger's baggage, except clothes and strictly personal effects.

No foodstuffs may be imported except: fruits, nuts, sweets prepared under hygienic conditions, honey and other foodstuffs in an "easy-to-open can" which can easily be inspected. Consult the Consulate for restrictions regarding foodstuffs from countries with cholera infected areas.


Cats and dogs require a:
- veterinary health certificate, incl. rabies vaccination, issued prior to arrival by an official veterinarian. The certificate must be validated by the embassy or consular of Saudi Arabia; and
- "Veterinary permit to import dogs and cats", issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia; and
- "Pet Animals' permit for exit and entry" issued by the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, see

Birds: require an import permit from the Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture.
Due to lack of veterinary services and clinics at Dammam (DMM), carriage of falcons is not permitted via DMM.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at first airport of entry in Saudi Arabia.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Saudi Arabian Rial-SAR) and foreign currencies (other than Israeli Sheqel): amounts exceeding SAR 60,000.- (including valuable metals, jewelry or precious stones) must be declared.
Prohibited: Israeli Sheqel.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Saudi Arabian Rial-SAR) and foreign currencies: amounts exceeding SAR 60,000.- (including valuable metals, jewelry or precious stones) must be declared.

Airport Tax

Airport Tax is levied on passengers leaving Saudi Arabia: SAR 50.-.
Place of payment: airline or ticket agencies or embarkation airport check-in.
1. Diplomats.
2. Infants.
3. Crew members.
4. Hajj or "Umrah" pilgrims.
5. Passengers accompanying human remains.

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