Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) - Terms and Definitions - Japan (English)

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This document is not valid unless properly validated.

If air carriage is provided for hereon, this document must be exchanged for a ticket and at such time prior to departure as may be required by the rules and regulations of the carrier to whom the document is directed.

If this document is issued in respect to baggage, the passenger must also have a passenger ticket and bag- gage check, since this document is not the baggage check described by Article 4 of The Hague Protocol or The Warsaw Convention as amended by the Hague Protocol, 1955 or the Baggage Identification Tag described by Article 3 of the Montreal Convention 1999.

This document is not transferable and neither the issuer nor any carrier nor any person supplying the non-air carriage services provided for hereon shall be liable to the purchaser or person named on the face hereof in the event of the loss or theft of this document, or if it is honoured when presented by any person other than the person named hereon.

This document and any carriage or services for which it provides are subject to the currently effective and applicable tariffs, conditions of carriage, rules and regulations of the issuer and of the carrier to whom it is directed and of any carrier performing carriage or services under the ticket or tickets issued in exchange for this order, and to all the terms and conditions under which non-air carriage services are arranged, offered or provided, as well as the laws of the country wherein these services are arranged, offered or provided.

In issuing this document, the issuer acts only as agent for the carrier or carriers furnishing the carriage or the person arranging or supplying the services described hereon and the issuer shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or delay which is occasioned by such carrier or person, or which results from such carrier or person performing or failing to perform the carriage or other services, or from such carrier or person failing to honour this document.

The honouring carrier or person providing services re- serves the right to obtain authorisation from the issuing carrier prior to honouring this document.

The use of the term issuer, carrier or person includes all owners, subsidiaries and affiliates of such issuer, carrier or person and any person with whom such issuer, carrier or person has contracted to perform the carriage or services provided for hereon.

The acceptance of this document by the person named on the face hereof, or by the person purchasing this document on behalf of such named person, shall be deemed to be consent to and acceptance by such person or persons of these conditions.



手荷物に関してこの帳票が発行された場合には、この帳票はワルソー条約第4条、1955年ハーグ議定書により改正されたワルソー条約または1999 年のモントリオール条約で定められた手荷物切符ではありませんので、旅客は航空券を同時に保有していなければなりません。
この帳票の発行にあたって発行者は、運送を行う航空会社またはここに記載されるサービスを手配もしくは供給する者の代理人としてのみ行為するものであり、発行者は、それら航空会社や者によってもたらされ、それら航空会社や者が運送その他のサービスを実施した結果、あるいは実施しなかった結果生じ、または、この帳票 を受け付けなかったことにより生じた損失、傷害、損害または遅延に対して一切の責任を負いません。
[おことわリ]   ここに記載された発行条件は旅客の参考のためのものであり.これらの正文は英文となっております。