Travellers FAQs

  • What is the IATA Travel Centre?

    The IATA Travel Centre is a service to provide all the travel requirement information needed to successfully complete an international air journey.  Essential information offered includes personalised passport, visa and health advice related to the specific destinations chosen by the user.

    Information is drawn primarily from the TIM/Timatic database; the recognised authority used by virtually all international airlines.

  • Where does the Passport, Visa and Health advice come from?

    The IATA Travel Centre is the most accurate, reliable information source available for passport, visa and health requirement advice. Travel requirement information is drawn primarily from the TIM/Timatic database; an authority recognised by airlines worldwide to determine documentation requirements based on destination and transit country regulations, as well as local immigration and police authorities for hundreds of destinations.

     IATA's immigration specialists constantly update the IATA Travel Centre information. Travellers must realise, however, that rules and regulations change on a daily basis.  Possessing the correct documentation does not guarantee entry to a foreign country. Local immigration authorities have complete control whether an individual is granted entry and under what conditions. Visitors lacking sufficient funds, for example, can be refused entry on that basis.

     Airlines can also refuse to carry passengers according to various guidelines. It is particularly important to re-check requirements close to your departure date since regulations are constantly changing. Please refer to the IATA Travel Centre Terms and Conditions of usage.

  • What search criteria can I use at the IATA Travel Centre website?

    Every year, millions of enquiries pass through the Timatic database service; the recognised authority for documentation requirements. The IATA Travel Centre draws from this source, enabling you to access Visa, Passport and Health information based on these personal and destination-specific criteria:

     - Nationality

     - Country of residence

     - Country of birth

     - Date of birth

     - Gender

     - Departure country

     - Transit countries

     - Arrival date

     - Purpose of visit

     - Duration of stay

     - Countries visited during the last 6 days

     - ID document type

     - ID country of issue

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