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Latest Travel Restrictions and Guidance

25 November 2021 13:07:35 CET

At this point, it’s becoming evident that COVID-19 is not going to disappear and that it will keep posing challenges for international air travel. As a result, everyone in the air transport industry and from other industries that require international travel have been learning to operate with the new travel restrictions.

However, it has been difficult for these companies or passengers to keep up with the constant changes in government travel document requirements. Non standardized documents, different COVID-19 test requirements, various timeframes for testing, vaccinations, etc. have created much confusion and incredible pressure on airlines, travel agents, airport staff, corporate travel departments and leisure travelers to ensure that they have the correct documentation for their upcoming trip.

A key solution to ensure compliance with COVID-19 travel rule changes is IATA Timatic. It's a one-stop shop for the air travel’s industry most reliable and up-to-date travel and health document rules information for anywhere in the world. It lets travelers and businesses know if a passenger’s documentation meets the requirements of their itinerary with certainty.

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