Data Protection and Privacy Information

You are encouraged to read the privacy policies of the marketing and operating carriers for your booking. Note that more than one privacy policy may apply to you. These documents specify how your personal data is collected, stored, used, disclosed and transferred. An index of carrier privacy policies is available here (PDF file).

Your travel agent may also process your personal information in order to provide services to you. You should contact your travel agent for further information and for a copy of their privacy policy.

Reservation system providers (sometimes known as a Global Distribution System or GDS) facilitate the transmission of booking information from your travel agent to the carrier. Their privacy policies may apply and govern how your booking information is used. An index of GDS privacy policies is available here (PDF file).

Legal Notices for Ticket Documentation

The industry standard data protection notice, as required by Resolution 724, is reproduced below in several languages for your convenience. This notice will appear on e-ticket and itinerary receipt documentation where not substituted by carrier-specific notices.

Document name Country Language
Data Protection Notice General English
Comunicación sobre protección de datos General Spanish
数据保护声明 General Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)
Avis relatif à la protection des données General French
Aviso de Proteção de Dados General Portuguese
Уведомление о защите данных General Russian
Datenschutzhinweis General German
Avviso sulla protezione dei dati General Italian
데이터 보호에 관한 고지 사항 General Korean
データ保護に関する通知 General Japanese
數據保護聲明 General Chinese Mandarin Traditional
إشعار حماية البيانات General Arabic